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Kīnd Perfume by Cheyenne is a sensual fragrance. Specifically created for women of all ages, its scent profile provides hours of delight that you can enjoy on its own or use as a base for layering with your favorite fragrances.

The essence of several exotic flowers gives Kīnd Perfume by Cheyenne an appealing opening. In detail, each floral note adds freshness. Cheyenne chose them between hundreds of floral essences for their ability to turn this blend into a pure, elegant scent.

Thanks to the skillful combination of chrome citrus and raspberry  ingredients and white musk, wearers experience a calming and uplifting perfumed sensation first. But the intense floral notes let your imagination play as you can recognize different flowers every time your wear this scent.

The heart is dominated by sensual whiffs of ylang ylang, sweet vanilla and cardamon that will captivate your senses after the clean and fresh opening. Lastly, Kīnd Perfume will turn into a jasmine floral skin scent that lasts for hours on end.

Every perfume batch is crafted by hand and hand-poured to ensure and preserve the refined aroma inspired by kindness. Kindness is the ability and emotion that this scent aims to elicit in anyone who smells it. Mainly because kindness is the key to turn the World into a more beautiful, pleasant place.


Ingredients: Alcohol and fragrance oils.

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