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About Kīnd

The creation of Kīnd Perfume

Cheyenne Martin went through a complete creative process to create the first Kīnd Perfume blend in early 2020. Through the crafting and refinement of the final accords, the current formulation builds on the idea of the ideal fragrance for women.

The first sketch of this blend revolved around the effects of kindness in the world around us. Since those early days, the idea developed into a complex yet graceful composition. As a result, Cheyenne's creation lets you experience the multifaceted beauty of the world around you. Just like kindness does, Kīnd Perfume by Cheyenne transforms your environment into a more beautiful place.

Each raw material has been selected to give women a specific feeling and effect. Namely, the elevating bliss that lifts your senses above the rough edges of reality. Kīnd Perfume is an intoxicating scent that leaves an addicting trail and turns people's heads.

Cheyenne crafted by hand and hand-poured the first Kīnd Perfume bottles. And this tradition continues to linger to this day.

 Why choose Kīnd Perfume by Cheyenne?

The viscous, highly concentrated oils used in the creation of this blend ensure outstanding performance. As a consumer, Cheyenne enjoyed many fragrances. But poor performance leads to various experiments and layering combinations. Kīnd Perfume offers a versatile scent that is both long-lasting and highly diffusive.

Although Cheyenne's creation pays respect to many qualities of several signature fragrances, this scent is unique and elegant. Both the Eau de Parfum and the concentrated oil will take your mind off in a new direction. For an even more enveloping experience, you can now add the Kīnd body butter and fragrance candles to your shopping cart.

Cheyenne re-evaluated the scent and balanced the materials until each note became vibrant and modern. In brief, finding the perfect formula took months of painstaking trial and error. But the result is a signature fragrance that every woman can enjoy.

 Building a legacy for women who love perfumery

For Cheyenne, creating her scent has been a lifetime's achievement. But as soon as she realized her goal, she found out new ways to bring joy and happiness to others. This is why you can always find new products in our online shop.

Thanks to its sensual and welcoming accords, Kīnd Perfume is the ideal addition to your perfume collection. But more importantly, it is the perfect solution to affect all those around you in a positive way.

The fragrant, enthralling aroma and the neat bottle design meet every woman's style. Kīnd Perfume just screams sophistication, elegance, and wealth. But unlike other brands, we want to make high-quality perfumes accessible to a large audience.

You can always turn to Kīnd Perfume whenever you need an elegant, exquisite signature fragrance. Nonetheless, try wearing it: during a date or a vacation. Especially when you want to make memorable moments with your significant other. Any time you want to feel better. In fact, the notes in this blend come together beautifully. The overall feeling you get is both soothing and energizing.