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Kīnd Perfume Fragrance Candle

Kīnd Perfume Fragrance Candle is the ideal addition to your home for a lovely, cozy vibe. Try releasing the fresh and relaxing aroma of our fragrance candle to positively affect your body and mind. Once lit, you will feel like walking next to a field of exotic flowers swaying in a gentle breeze. Our scented candle provides a feeling of harmony and kindness that soothes and captivates your attention. Each candle will give you 60 hours of burning time.

The all-natural Kīnd Perfume Fragrance Candle is made of 100% soy wax. Plus, a cotton wick and the right amount of concentrated fragrance oil. Cheyenne Martin infuses each candle with Kind Perfume Eau de Parfum only. Then, she pours the scented wax by hand to ensure optimal performance. The elegant glass container is available in ten colors: Kīnd Havana Black, Kīnd Havana Pearl, Kīnd Havana Silver,  Kīnd Matte Nude, Kīnd Monticiano Purple, Kīnd Havana Champagne Frosted, Kīnd Monticiano Emerald Frosted, Kīnd Monticiano Matte Pink, Kīnd Monticiano Matte Blue and Kīnd Monticiano Ruby Frosted. Remember, remove all packaging before burning. Above all, keep it within sight and away from children and pets to prevent any fire hazard. For safety reasons, place it on a flat surface and remove any nearby piece of paper, thin fabric, and alcohol-based substances. For optimal combustion and better longevity, keep wick centered and trimmed to 1/4 at all times & wax pool free of debris.

Kīnd Black
Kīnd Pearl
Kīnd Silver
Kīnd Matte Nude
Kīnd Monticiano Purple
Kīnd Havana Champagne Frosted
Kīnd Monticiano Emerald Frosted
Kīnd Monticiano Matte Pink
Kīnd Monticiano Matte Blue
Kīnd Monticiano Ruby Frosted

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