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Kīnd Perfume Oil

Kīnd Perfume Oil brings you the aroma. TOP NOTES: Chrome Citrus, Raspberry HEART: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Sweet Vanilla and Cardamon, BASE: White Oak (wood), White Musk and Nitro Musk. Whenever you want to enjoy the olfactory harmony of Kīnd Perfume, uncap the bottle and apply the perfumed oil with the roller. The uplifting smell will soon awaken your feminine sensuality as the skin warms and releases each vibrant note.

As the oil starts releasing the top notes, a classy white floral musk smell emanates from the skin. A bouquet of floral notes will keep you company for the first hour as the fragrance slowly evolves into a more sensual and predominant white musk aroma.

While the white musk is the central note around which the fragrance evolves, powdery nuances smoothen the overall composition. Wearing Kīnd Perfume Oil gives you a fresh, clean aura. Plus, this balanced blend maintains an airy structure that will surprise you as you go through your day.

You can also layer with our Eau de Parfum for a unique experience. First, apply the oil and let it sit for at least ten minutes. After that, spray Kīnd Perfume Eau de Parfum on top of where you dabbed the oil.


Ingredients: Alcohol and fragrance oils.

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